Careprost Vs Latisse – What's the Difference!

Careprost Vs Latisse – What's the Difference!
Published : Feb 25, 2024
Last Updated : Jan 01, 1970

Are you confused about choosing one between Careprost and Latisse? If yes, this might help you out. Both of them are the most popular choices for treating Glaucoma and promoting eyelash growth.

Although both work the same way there are some basic differences which you need to know between them. Explore this content and decide which is best for you.

Careprost product description

It is an eye drop that is used as a topical solution. It is used to reduce glaucoma and high pressure in the eyes.

High pressure in the eyes can cause eyesight damage leading to blindness. This drop even works in case of eyelash growth. Use this medicine as said by a doctor to get better results.

Always ensure to remove the lenses if you are using them and put them back after 15 minutes. Some commonly experienced side effects are eye itching, conjunctival hyperemia, and more.

No worries as they disappear as you get adjusted to the eye drop. Do not use the bottle if the seal is broken.

Latisse product description

It is also a topic topical used to promote eyelash growth. It is an FDA-approved eye drop that can only be purchased with a valid prescription.

Earlier it was only used to treat high pressure in the eyes such as Glaucoma. Its well-known side effect was long and thick eyelashes.

Hence, it's remarketed to treat eyelash treatment as well. The active ingredient Bimatoprost works well to produce thicker and longer eyelashes.

Although the price of this eye drop is high but is safe and reliable. Always use this as directed by your doctor.

Is Careprost and Latisse the same?

Both work the same and treat the same thing but they are not the same medication. Both of them are used to treat Glaucoma and promote eyelash growth. One of their active ingredients is Bimatoprost. Yet they have some basic differences which are discussed below.

Careprost and Latisse – Differences

Their differences can be made on several factors as listed below:


The major difference between both is the pricing. So, you need to check your budget to decide which one you should choose. Careprose is cheaper as compared to Latisse. The low cost of the Careprost makes it more attractive to choose within a budget. Careprost costs around $15. On the other hand, Latisse may cost somewhere around $60.


However, it is best to buy any medication with a valid prescription to avoid duplicate items. Yet you can choose to buy Careprost without medication. But Latisse on the other hand cannot be purchased if you don't have a prescription as it's a prescription eyedrop.


Both these medications are used for the same purpose but are manufactured by different companies. Careprost is manufactured by Allergan which is a well-reputed pharmaceutical company. While Latisse is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals.


The packaging of both can be different. Latisse comes in branded packaging. But the packaging of Latisse depends on the company it has been manufactured by.

Brand name

Careprose is a brand-name product. On the other hand, Latisse is a generic medicine.

Active ingredient

Both Careprose and Latisse contain Bimatoprost as the active ingredient. So, both of them have no difference in terms of ingredients.


Both these drops are used for treating Glaucoma and promoting eyelash growth. Hence, the treatment option also doesn't make any difference between them.

Which is better – Careprost or Latisse?

The choice depends on you. Since the medicine has the same ingredient and same treatment, you can choose any. The main difference comes in pricing. So, if you have a budget issue, choose Careprost as it is cheaper.

Final words

So, hope you understand the difference as of now. So, choose the best one precisely after going through the above differences. Their main differences lie in their pricing. So opt for the one with which you are comfortable. Both of them won't make huge differences.