Ibugesic 200Mg

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Ibugesic 200mg are Ibuprofen Tablets, provides effective relief from pain and fever. Know how it alleviates discomfort and reduces fever.

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  • Generic Name : Ibuprofen
  • Brand Name : Motrin
  • Manufacturer Name : Cipla Ltd - Pharmaceutical Company
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What is Ibugesic 200mg?

Ibugesic 200 mg tablet helps relieve pain and inflammation caused by minor injuries, headaches, toothache, arthritis, menstrual, or back pain. It contains Ibuprofen, its prime agent, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug(NSAID). Blocking certain hormones and chemical messengers that cause pain or inflammation provides quick relief from the symptoms. Doctors also prescribe it in certain other conditions to relieve mild to moderate pain symptoms and fever.  

Use Ibugesic only after doctors advise; use it for the short time needed. To shop for Ibugesic 200mg and its other strengths, you may choose our online pharmacy, Cheapmedsdeal. 

How Ibugesic 200mg works?

Ibugesic 200 Tablet is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) containing Ibuprofen. It blocks the release of certain chemical messengers that cause fever, pain, and inflammation. As a result, Ibuprofen 200 provides quick relief from these symptoms under certain conditions.

How to take Ibugesic 200mg?

After examining your medical condition, the doctor will prescribe the dose and duration of Ibugesic. They will determine your dosage depending on age, medical condition, allergies, and other factors. So, take the prescribed dose precisely as advised.

Take an Ibugesic 200 mg tablet either with milk or after having your meal to prevent stomach upset. The use of Ibugesic is generally done on a need basis, but if advised for daily dosing or a short period, it should be taken at fixed intervals. Swallow the tablet with water, and do not chew or break the tablet during intake. 

Avoid taking an overdose; in case of overdosing, you may face symptoms like stomach pain, severe nausea, drowsiness, bloody cough, and stools. If you mistakenly took an overdose, seek immediate medical attention. 

What are the side effects of Ibugesic 200mg?

Here is a list of common side effects that may appear during the use of Ibugesic 200mg.

  • Sleepiness

  • Tiredness

  • Dizziness

  • Spinning sensation

  • Stomach and intestinal ulcers

  • Mouth ulcers

  • Hidden blood loss

  • Black tar-like stools

  • Cold sores

  • Inflammation of the colon

  • Inflammatory bowel disease 

Seek medical help if you experience any of the above-given side effects in a worsened state.

What are the drug interactions for Ibugesic 200 mg? 

Drugs that may interact with Ibugesic 200 mg tablet are:

  • Lithium

  • Methotrexate

  • Warfarin

  • Blood pressure drugs

  • Heart medications

  • Other NSAIDs

  • Steroids

  • Methotrexate

  • Antidepressant medication

  • Diuretics 

What are the precautions and warnings related to Ibugesic 200mg?

  • Avoid taking Ibugesic 200mg tablet if you are allergic to its prime ingredient, Ibuprofen.
  • The use of Ibugesic tablets in the long term may lead to circulatory or heart problems like stroke or heart attack, so use it only till the prescription period.
  • Do not take these tablets before or after a heart bypass surgery.
  • In case you have bloody, black, or tarry stools, bloody cough, or vomit, then immediately talk to a doctor. 
  • When taken by older adults, Ibuprofen may cause bleeding to perforation in the stomach or intestine. 
  • During pregnancy, you should only use it after consulting a doctor. 
  • Avoid consuming alcohol while taking these tablets, as it can be unsafe and increase the risk of side effects. 
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