Phexin 500 Mg

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Phexin 500 Mg Capsules contain Cephalexin as its active ingredient. It is an antibiotic drug that helps treat various bacterial infections.

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  • Generic Name : Cephalexin
  • Brand Name : Keflex
  • Manufacturer Name : GSK India
  • Delivery Days : 10 To 12 Working Days
  • Presentation : Capsules (Blister)

What is Phexin 500 mg? 

Phexin 500mg contains Cephalexin, which belongs to a class of drugs known as antibiotics. 

Cephalexin treats bacterial infections of the respiratory tract, middle ear, soft and hard tissue, bone and joints, urinary tract, and reproductive organs.

Doctors also prescribe 500mg of Phexin to treat dental infections. This medicine kills bacteria, improves the symptoms, and treats the infection.

Cephalexin should never be taken to treat viral infections as it is only effective against bacterial infections.

Phexin 500mg is available under the brand name Keflex. It can be purchased after a doctor's prescription. 

How does Phexin 500 mg work? 

500mg of Phexin contains Cephalexin, which kills bacteria and stops them from forming the protective covering they need to survive. This helps to treat bacterial infections. 

How to take Phexin 500 mg? 

It is advised to take Phexin 500 mg as prescribed by the doctor. You can take it with or without food but at the same time every day. 

Swallow the capsule with a glass of water. Do not crush, chew, or break it. 

Depending on your age, medical condition, and body weight, the doctor will determine the correct dose and duration of treatment. 

To achieve better results, continue taking Cephalexin for the stipulated duration directed by your doctor.

Taking the Cephalexin capsule at the same time every day will help you remember to take it without skipping doses.

Do not stop taking 500mg of Phexin capsule, even if you start feeling better. Stopping this medicine early can cause some bacteria to survive and return the infection.

This antibiotic capsule will not work for treating viral infections like the common cold or flu. Using any antibiotic when you do not need it can make it less effective for treating future infections. 

What are the side effects of Phexin 500mg?

Several people taking 500mg of Phexin do not suffer from severe side effects. 

Most side effects of the Cephalexin capsule do not require medical attention; they disappear once your body adjusts to it. 

Some common side effects of Phexin 500mg include:

  • Headache 
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Stomach pain
  • Indigestion
  • Joint pain
  • Itching or rash
  • Loss of appetite

Get emergency medical help if any of the side effects persist or worsen. 

What are the precautions and warnings related to Phexin 500mg?

  • Phexin 500mg should be avoided if you are allergic to it, as well as Cephalexin or penicillin antibiotics. 
  • Before starting the treatment with the Cephalexin capsule, inform the doctor about your medical history, especially of heart problems, kidney disorders, or liver diseases. 
  • Let the doctor know about all other medicines you take, as there is a chance that any of these medications can interact with Cephalexin and cause serious side effects.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult the doctor first and then start treatment with a Phexin capsule. 
  • Stopping the antibiotic early can make some bacteria survive & become resistant, causing a recurrence of infection. 
  • To prevent nausea, avoid eating oily or spicy foods. It is suggested to have simple meals.  
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