A Ret Gel 0.1% 20gm

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Get clear, smooth skin with A Ret Gel 0.1%. formulation for acne and wrinkles. 20gm tube for lasting results. Try it now

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  • Generic Name : Tretinoin
  • Brand Name : Retin-A
  • Delivery Days : 10 - 14 Days
  • Strength : 0.1% (20gm)
  • Presentation : Tube Pack

What is A Ret Gel 0.1% 20 gm? 

A Ret Gel 0.1% is a type of vitamin A that treats acne that appears as spots or pimples on the chest, face, or back.

Acne is a skin disorder that involves inflammation of sebaceous follicles on your face and upper body. 

A Ret Gel contains Tretinoin, which belongs to a class of drugs known as retinoids. It is also available under the brand name Retin-A. 

Tretinoin helps to treat the problem of rough facial skin and decreases fine wrinkles present on your skin. 

After a prescription from the doctor, A Ret Gel 0.01% can be purchased from a licensed drugstore. 

How does A Ret Gel 0.1% work? 

A Ret Gel 0.1% contains Tretinoin, which works by reducing oil production in the skin. This further treats acne-prone skin and allows the pores to stay open. 

How do you use A Ret Gel 0.1%?

Tretinoin is for external use only. Make sure to apply this medicine as the doctor advises. 

A pinpoint application at night time is prescribed for the duration as your doctor suggests. 

The amount and length of time you need to use Tretinoin will depend on what you are being treated for. 

Make sure to wash and dry the affected area and then apply a thin layer of A Ret Gel 0.1%. 

You should not apply Tretinoin gel to damaged or broken skin and avoid contact with your nose, mouth, and eyes.  

It can take several weeks for the symptoms to improve with a Ret Gel, but continue using it regularly to achieve benefits. 

If there is no improvement after a few weeks of the treatment, consult the doctor again. 

Using more Tretinoin or applying it more often than your doctor directs will not make it work faster and can increase the risk of side effects. 

What are the side effects of A Ret Gel 0.1%?

The majority of side effects are minor and go away as your body adjusts to the Tretinoin. 

Some common side effects of A Ret Gel 0.1% include:

  • Skin irritation
  • Erythema
  • Dry lips 
  • Pale red skin
  • Dry skin
  • Increased sensitivity to light 

Seek medical help if any of the side effects persist or worsen. 

What are the precautions and warnings related to A Ret Gel 0.1%?

  • Do not use A Ret Gel 0.1% if you are allergic to Tretinoin or have other allergies. 
  • Drink plenty of water and use moisturizer, as Tretinoin can cause dryness of the lips, mouth, and eyes.
  • A Ret Gel of 0.1% can make you more sensitive to sunlight, so avoid sun exposure if possible. Sun rays can make your skin more fragile. 
  • During the treatment with Tretinoin, it is advised to avoid laser treatments and other hair removal techniques. 
  • Pregnant women and women planning pregnancy should not use Tretinoin as it can cause congenital disabilities. 
  • Before starting your treatment with A Ret Gel 0.1%, inform your doctor if you suffer from sun sensitivity, sunburn, or other skin conditions. 
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