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Antivirals Medication

Antivirals Medication

Cheapmedsdeal is a licensed online pharmacy that offers antiviral medicines like Mebex, Hydrea, and Oxcq to deal with viral infections. From our pharmacy, customers can order antiviral medications at discounted prices.

Overview of antiviral medicines

Antiviral medicines help your body fight harmful viruses. Doctors recommend these medications to ease your symptoms and reduce the length of a viral infection. Antivirals can reduce your risk of getting or spreading viruses that cause HIV and herpes.

What are viruses?

Viruses are tiny infectious agents that grow and multiply inside the living cells of an organism only.

Viruses have receptors that permit them to attach to healthy cells in the human body. Once a virus attaches to and enters a host cell, it starts making copies of itself. The host cell dies, and the virus begins to infect other healthy cells of the body.

Sometimes, viruses stay in a host cell without damaging or replicating it.

The virus is still there, but you do not experience any symptoms. This inactive virus can become active in the body at any time & cause symptoms. However, how viruses spread in your body will depend on the virus type. 

What do antiviral medicines treat?

Most viral infections clear up without antiviral medicines. Doctors prescribe antiviral drugs to treat the following chronic viral infections:

  • Ebola
  • Coronavirus
  • Hepatitis B and hepatitis C
  • Flu, including H1N1
  • Genital herpes
  • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

However, antiviral medications should be used under the supervision of your physician to treat your symptoms quickly.

You must know that viruses are large groups of infective agents containing nucleic acids that combine with RNA and DNA.

Antiviral medicines usually work within 48 hours of administration. After its consumption, you can experience improvement in your symptoms.  

How do antiviral medicines work?

Antiviral medicines work in different ways depending on the virus type and drug. Antivirals can:

  • Lower viral load in your body
  • Block receptors so that viruses do not bind to and enter healthy cells
  • Boost your immune system and help the body fight against a viral infection

Can antiviral medicines cure viral infections?

Antiviral medications can ease symptoms and decrease how long you are sick with viral infections such as Ebola and flu. They can help your body to get rid of these viruses.

Viral infections such as herpes, HIV, and hepatitis are chronic. Antivirals can’t help get rid of the virus, which stays in your body.

Antiviral medicines to treat viral infections

At Cheapmedsdeal, you can find a wide range of medicines to treat viral infections. Some of them include:


Mebex tablet is effective in treating different parasitic worm infections in children.

It restricts worms from absorbing the body’s vital nutrients, making them lose their energy and lead to eventual death.

In this way, dead worms get removed from the child’s body through the stool. This medicine promotes weight gain and the physical and mental development of a child by treating parasitic infections.


Acivir is an antiviral medication that helps treat skin infections caused by the Herpes simplex virus, like herpes labialis.

This medicine contains Acyclovir, which prevents the multiplication of viruses in skin cells. Thus helping clear your skin infection.

Potential side effects of Antiviral medicines

Side effects of antivirals can differ based on the type of medicine and strength you take. You might experience the following side effects:

  • Cough
  • Insomnia
  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Skin rash
  • Muscle pain

What do you mean by antiviral resistance?

Skipping doses or starting & stopping antiviral medication can permit a virus to change, making antiviral medicines ineffective. This is called antiviral resistance. People who take antivirals for a long time are more prone to experience antiviral resistance.

Who should not take antiviral medications?

Antiviral medications are safe. Young children of two weeks, pregnant and breastfeeding women should take them only after doctor’s prescription.

Who shouldn’t take antiviral drugs is going to depend on the type of antivirals you take.

It is better to consult a doctor to know whether an antiviral medication is safe for you or not.

Where to buy Antiviral medicines?

Cheapmedsdeal is a one-stop online drug for authentic antiviral medicines. All the medications we offer come with specific warnings, so it is advised to go through them or consult a physician.

To order medicines, you need to select them, add them to your cart, make a payment, and we will deliver them to your doorstep. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction by providing medication on time.