Know About High blood pressure and erectile dysfunction

Know About High blood pressure and erectile dysfunction
Published : Mar 12, 2024
Last Updated : Mar 13, 2024

Erectile dysfunction is the most commonly heard sexual issue by which every one-third of men is affected. However, doctors say there can be several reasons for the occurrence of ED. It may be because of diet, lifestyle, disease, etc.

But do you know high blood pressure can also be a reason for the occurrence of ED? It has been reported that men who have impotence are most likely to have high blood pressure. So, it's clear that ED is somehow linked with blood pressure.

We are here to discuss Erectile dysfunction and Blood pressure briefly. Go through this blog to know how high blood pressure can affect your sex life. Let's get started!

What is high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is also known as hypertension. High BP is when blood applies too much pressure on your blood vessels. On average, if blood pressure is 150/90 mmHg or more, it is considered high. The main reason for its occurrence is high salt intake.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction also known as impotence. It is the state where men lose their ability to achieve erection. It affects the sexual performance and well-being of a man and thus reduces sex desire. This is mainly caused due to the low amount of blood flow in the penile region. Your blood pressure might affect your erectile function.

Can high BP cause Erectile dysfunction?

Research shows that 30% of the men who suffer from hypertension suffer from ED as well. Also, 32 of 110 who suffer from ED have hypertension. From this scenario, we cannot predict that high blood pressure can always be the reason for ED.

However, we can say that high BP increases the risk of ED. Hence, it is advised to stay healthy to reduce the risk of ED. For example, a person who suffers from a heart disease like Coronary artery disease may face ED. Other than this, BP medicines may also cause erectile dysfunction. Therefore, it is best to inform your doctor beforehand.

How does high blood pressure cause ED?

ED is caused due to low blood flow to the penis. High blood pressure does the same. The release of nitric oxide during sexual stimulation helps the blood vessels in the penis to relax. Also, the released nitric oxide dilates the blood vessels.

Hence, the dilated blood vessels improve blood flow in the body. This causes a more rigid erection as needed. In case of high blood pressure, the inner lining of blood vessels gets damaged. The inner lining of blood vessels is responsible for producing Nitric oxide.

Hence, the less production of nitric oxide makes it difficult for blood vessels in the penis to relax. It affects the blood circulation, and thus ED occurs. Other than this, hypertension builds plaque inside arteries. As a result, it stiffens the blood vessels.

The stiffened restricts the blood flow, leading to erectile dysfunction. Hypertension may also cause stress, depression, and anxiety. All these are the reasons for the occurrence of erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Do Hypertension medications cause ED?

If you are suffering from ED with high blood pressure, it is a must to control BP first. Several medications are used to treat hypertension. However, it has been observed that various BP medications contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Some of the medicines that reduce blood penis in the penis are Beta blockers, Loop Diuretics, and more. If they are taken in low doses, as suggested by the doctor, it's okay. Otherwise, these medicines can contribute to ED if taken in higher dosages.

It is better to inform the doctor about BP medicines you are taking and facing ED. There are rare hypertension medicines that don't lead to ED. BP medicines such as ACE inhibitors and Angiotensin receptors have less chance of causing ED.

How to treat ED that is caused by hypertension?

ED medicines, PDE5 inhibitors, are the best solution for treating ED for a certain period. Doctors even prescribe it to patients who suffer from ED due to hypertension. Other than pills, vacuum devices, and injections are even used for treating ED.

Apart from medicine, a healthy lifestyle also helps. Proper ED exercises, consumption of nutritious foods, and limited intake of alcohol may also help you to manage ED that high BP causes.

Can BP medicines be taken with ED medicines?

As per the World Journal of Cardiology, BP and ED medicines can be taken together. However, research still says that both BP medicines, such as nitrates, should not be used with PDE5 inhibitors.

When taken with PDE5 inhibitors, nitrate medicines lower blood pressure levels too much. Hence, when you are taking both medications together, make sure to seek medical attention. 

In this case, If a person has Cardiovascular disease, then a doctor may restrict from taking any ED Drug. Also, under other medical conditions, the use of this drug is unsafe, and you must follow the prescription and doctor's advice strictly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many men today suffer from ED with hypertension?

Ans- The occurrence of erectile dysfunction due to hypertension is prevalent. In research, it has been seen that around 30% of patients who suffer from ED have hypertension.

What are the ED medicines that can be taken with hypertension?

Ans- Several ED medicines include Viagra, Cialis, Vardenafil, Tadalafil, and many others. However, it is always advised to take anyone after getting advice from a doctor.

What can be the other causes of ED?

Ans- Other than high blood pressure, ED may occur because of several other reasons. It can be due to smoking, obesity, alcohol, diabetes, cholesterol, and many more.

Can I take medicines used to treat high blood pressure along with ED medications?

Ans- Medicines used for treating high blood pressure like Alpha-blockers and other drugs are not to be used along with ED drugs. You might a proper consultation before considering these treatments together. The outcomes of using blood pressure medications along with PDE inhibitors may lead to severe drops in the blood pressure.

Final words

So, we can say that high blood pressure can cause erectile dysfunction and affect your sexual function. Hypertension causes ED by damaging the blood vessels and interrupt proper blood flows to the penis. From the above discussion, it is also clear that BP medicines may also contribute to male sexual dysfunction(ED). It is always safe to take ED medicines or BP medicines after a proper consultation with a doctor. However, one must be aware of potential risk factors and follow the treatment cautiously.