Cutisoft Cream

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Cutisoft Cream provides relief for various skin irritations, including itching and inflammation. Learn about its effectiveness and gentle care for your skin.

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  • Generic Name : Hydrocortisone
  • Brand Name : Cortifoam
  • Manufacturer Name : Innova (Ipca)
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About Cutisoft cream

Cutisoft cream is a topical medicine. It is useful in the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, and insect bite reactions.

The active ingredient found in the cream is Hydrocortisone. It belongs to a class of medicines known as Corticosteroids.

Patients allergic to Hydrocortisone should not use Cutisoft cream. It is meant for external applications only.

Clean the affected before applying it for effective results. Don't opt to apply Cutisoft cream to any open wounds or damaged skin.

The side effects of the medicine are barely minimal and are tolerable. Take the healthcare provider's help before applying it.

Uses of Cutisoft cream

It is used in the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions. The conditions it treats are eczema and dermatitis. Don't use it on any other skin conditions.

Manufacturer of Cutisoft cream

Ipca Laboratories Ltd manufactured Cutisoft cream.

How does Cutisoft cream work?

Cutisoft cream is a topical steroid. The ingredients present in the cream help block the production of chemical messengers.

It blocks chemical messenger that causes skin inflammatory conditions. That's why the eczema and dermatitis are treated.

Directions for use

Apply Cutisoft cream only in the external area. Properly clean the affected area before applying the cream.

Apply some portion of the cream with your hand to the affected area. Don't apply it to any wounds or damaged skin.

Wash off your hands before and after applying Cutisoft cream. Immediately rinse off the eyes with water if your eyes come in contact with the cream.

Don't apply it more times than said by a healthcare provider.

Overdose of Cutisoft cream

It is for external applications only. That's why, the chance of overdosing is rare. If you apply more quantity, immediately remove the extra amount with a clean clothe or tissue.

Missed dose of Cutisoft cream

Missing Cutisoft cream has no such differences. Still, apply it as soon as possible when you remember it.

Side effects of Cutisoft cream

The side effects, you might see after applying the cream are:

  • Application site reactions.

  • Burning on the application site.

  • Stinging sensation.

  • Dry skin.

Interactions of Cutisoft cream

It is a topical medicine. That's why, there is less chance of interaction with oral tablets. It can interact with topical steroids.

If you have already applied for one before, inform the healthcare provider. Inform all the skin conditions you are suffering from to avoid reactions with Cutisoft cream.

Precautions for Cutisoft cream

Cutisoft cream is safe for all pregnant women. Breastfeeding women should not apply it near the breast area before informing the doctor about it.

Before applying, discuss all types of skin conditions you are suffering from with your healthcare provider.

After applying, if you see any allergic skin reactions developing gradually, right there inform your doctor.

Don't cover the affected area with a dressing or cloth after applying Cutisoft cream. Don't use the cream for more than a week in infants.

The Cutisoft cream should not be used for more periods than recommended. If you have psoriasis, discuss it with your healthcare provider.

Those who are allergic to Hydrocortisone should apply Cutisoft cream after discussing it with a healthcare provider.

Inform your doctor beforehand if you are suffering from diabetes and tuberculosis. Use with caution in children below 18 years.

Do not use Cutisoft cream in case of bacterial, fungal, and viral skin infections. It can lead to the worsening of side effects.

Don't let the cream come in contact with your eyes, open wounds and mucous membranes.

Don't cover the affected area with a bandage after applying cream. Contact the doctor if you don't see a change in the affected area after a few days of applying.

Storage and disposal of Cutisoft cream

It must be stored in the original container in a dry place. While storing, protect it from sunlight, heat, and moisture.

Store it at a cool place but don't freeze it or keep it in refrigerators. Keep it away from children and pets.

Dispose of the expired medicine in a garbage waste bag. Don't flush it or throw it in the drains.


1. Who should not apply Cutisoft cream?

Children below 18 years should use it with proper caution. Patients who are allergic to Hydrocortisone should not apply Cutisoft cream.

The one suffering from other skin conditions like Urticaria, Rosacea, and such should not apply this cream.

2. What is the normal temperature for storing Cutisoft cream?

You must store it at a temperature below 30°C. Don't keep it under sunlight and moisture. Normal room temperature is enough to store Cutisoft cream.

3. Can Cutisoft cream be applied to the face?

It is advised to use Cutisoft cream on your face only if you are advised by your healthcare provider.

Don't apply it for more than 5 continuous days on the face as it quickly thins the skin of the face.


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