Kenacort 40mg Injection 1ml

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Kenacort 40 mg Injection helps to treat various inflammatory conditions, including arthritis and allergic reactions. Shop Now - Cheapmedsdeal

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  • Generic Name : Triamcinolone
  • Brand Name : Kenalog
  • Manufacturer Name : Nicholas Piramel
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Kenacort 40mg Injection 1ml

About Kenacort injection

Kenacort 40mg Injection is a steroid medicine. It treats pain and swelling caused due to skin allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, and other allergic conditions.

The primary ingredient found in this drug is Triamcinolone. It is an injection. The doctor and nurse can only inject you. One should not self-inject Injection.

Discuss with your doctor before injecting if you are pregnant or planning soon. The Injection releases substances from the body that cause inflammation.

If it's taken simultaneously daily, you find better effects. Discuss everything with a healthcare provider before using it for a long time.

Salt Composition of Kenacort 40mg Injection

Triamcinolone is the primary ingredient in Kenacort injection. It is composed of 40mg/ml of Triamcinolone.

Uses of Kenacort 40mg Injection

Kenacort injection is used in treating the pain and swelling that occurs due to specific allergies, skin allergies, osteoarthritis, and rheumatic disorders.

It treats allergic disorders like asthma. The Injection can also be used for treating hormonal problems.

Marketer of Kenacort 40mg Injection

Abott Healthcare Private Limited marketed Kenacort 40mg Injection. 

How does Kenacort 40mg Injection work?

It is a steroid. It thus blocks the production of chemical messengers that cause inflammation and allergies.

The steroid reduces redness and swelling and thus provides relief from rheumatic disorders and osteoarthritis.

Direction for the use of Kenacort 40mg Injection

Kenacort 40mg is an injection. So, it is only to be given by a nurse or doctor. Self-injecting it can be risky and is not advised.

Make sure to follow the beforecare and aftercare instructions for this Injection as your healthcare provider asks you to do.

Missed dose

Doctors keep reports of when the Injection should be given and when it should not. So, there is a low chance of missing the dose.

But if you think you or your nurse missed it, inform the doctor immediately.


Kenacort 40mg Injection is given by a nurse. So, it is evident that they won't give you more than one Injection at a time. The chance of overdosing is not there.

But take the doctor's help if you find adverse effects after being injected with Kenacort 40mg Injection.

Side effects of Kenacort 40mg Injection

Patients, when injected with Kenacort injection, face few side effects. The side effects mostly seen are:

  • Weight loss

  • Headache

  • Joint pain

  • Tiredness

  • Redness and pain at the injection site

  • Infection risk

Interactions of Kenacort 40mg Injection

Kenacort 40mg Injection is suspected to interact with other medicines as well. So, before starting to discuss all medication with the doctor,

If you have recently undergone surgery or planned surgery, inform your doctor. Report to the doctor if you have been vaccinated recently.

Medicines or insulins used for diabetes should not be taken with Kenacort 40mg Injection. It can increase the medicine's effects.

Hypertensive medicines and glaucoma medicines may also increase the effects of the Kenacort Injection.

If you take a contraceptive pill, cyclosporin, or levothyroxine, consult with your healthcare provider.

Medicines for tuberculosis and fits also interact with the Injection by reducing the effectiveness of the medicine.

Medicines such as blood thinners and painkillers should also be avoided. These medicines can interact with injections and increase bleeding chances.

Precautions for Kenacort 40mg Injection

The primary ingredient of the Injection crosses the placenta. So, pregnant women should visit a doctor and consult before usage.

Kenacort 40mg Injection sometimes leads to dizziness. That's why you must not drive after you are injected.

Wait to start Kenacort 40mg Injection if you have any known allergy to Triamcinolone. You should not start using it if you are allergic to its ingredients.

This Injection can harm your baby if you breastfeed. The medicine present in the Injection passes to breast milk. Consult a doctor if you breastfeed before use.

A person who has a daily habit of consuming alcohol should discuss it with a healthcare provider.

Kindly do not self-inject the Injection. It will be given to you by a nurse or doctor.

If the side effects worsen, stop the use. Inform the doctor about this and the problems you are facing.

Report all your diseases and the medicines you take to treat them to the doctor. In these diseases, you must inform your healthcare provider.

  • Kidney problems

  • Liver disease

  • Heart issues

  • Diabetes

  • Tuberculosis

  • Blurred vision problems

  • Stomach ulcer

  • Glaucoma

  • Osteoporosis

  • Cancer

  • Weak muscles

  • Infection

  • Chickenpox.

If you have encountered any surgery or are planning any soon, inform the doctor.

Storage and disposal of Kenacort 40mg Injection

The storing conditions for Kenacort Injection are mentioned above the pack. Keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Don't store it at a temperature above 25°C.

Buying Kenacort 40mg Injection

The pharmacy stores in local areas sell Kenacort 40mg Injection. Online pharmacies also sell this Injection and offer huge discounts.

To get a high discount, select something other than an untrusted pharmacy. Always choose a pharmacy to buy that is genuine and sells high-quality medicines.


Why should we not take Kenacort 40mg Injection ourselves?

Kenacort Injection is given under the skin into the tissue. An experienced doctor or nurse can only provide it under the skin.

You don't have the experience to inject yourself, and that is why you are not supposed to use it yourself.

Can Kenacort 40mg Injection leads to weight gain?

Weight variation is a side effect of the Injection. The chances of weight loss are high. Report to your doctor about the drastic weight change you see.

Is Kenacort 40mg Injection an effective treatment?

If it is injected in the advised dose and duration, it is highly effective. Keep the course of the medicine.

Completing the entire course provides proper results. After seeing any improvement, don't stop, as the symptoms can re-occur.

Is Kenacort 40mg Injection a steroid medicine?

The main ingredient of Kenacort, 40mg Injection, is Triamcinolone. This ingredient is a steroid, so Injection is a steroid medicine.


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