Lupi-HCG 5000IU

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Lupi-HCG 5000IU injection contains Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), offering support for fertility treatment. Know it benefits in male and female.

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  • Generic Name : Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)
  • Brand Name : Novarel
  • Manufacturer Name : Lupin ltd
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What is Lupi HCG?

Lupi HCG 5000 is an injection used to cure infertility problems in men and women. The main ingredient present in it is choronic gonadotrophin. It releases the eggs from the ovary in women. In men, it increases the production of testosterone. 

This is also advised in the case of men suffering from hypogonadism, i.e., low sperm count or delayed puberty. In children, it is used to cure cryptorchidism, which is a puberty issue. It would help to take it only under a doctor's supervision as it is in an injection form.

How it works?

The hormone present in the injection is Human Choronic Gonadotropin. It is often called a sex hormone—the hormone works by releasing the eggs from the ovary in the case of females. 

Also, it stimulates the testosterone production in males. Further, this testosterone produces more sperm count in men and cures delayed puberty.


Various Lupi HCG uses are:

  •  Used to cure infertility problems in men and women.
  • Also, it increases sperm count in men.
  • Used to treat cryptorchidism and puberty problems in children.

Side effects

Listed below are common and rare side effects:

Common side effects

  •  Stomach pain
  •  Breast enlargement
  •  Sleeplessness
  •  Bloating
  •  Pelvic pain
  •  Vomiting

Rare side effects

  •  Skin reaction
  •  Headache
  • Weight gain

Common side effects may disappear quickly, so there is no need to worry. If you see rare effects lasting for longer, contact the doctor.

How to use 

As it is an injection, it is always strictly advised not to self-administer. It is to be injected into your body by a nurse or doctor. It is best to get it every day at the same time once daily for best results.

How long does it take to show its effect on the body?

It typically varies from person to person, depending on their health condition. On average, it takes 6 hours to show an effect in a person's body after getting injected.

How long does its effect last?

This, too, depends on a person's health, such as weight, age, body problems, and more. However, the effect of Lupi HCG injection hardly lasts 10 to 24 hours.

When should you not use it?

In the criteria below, you should not use this injection.

  •  If you are allergic to any components of Lupi HCG.
  •  If any male patient has undergone or is having prostate cancer.
  •  If any child had gainer puberty at an early age.


  •  Pregnant women should avoid it as it harms the fetus.
  •  Breastfeeding mothers should take it only after the doctor's advice, or else it's harmful to babies.
  •  Regular health checkups are mandatory when taking this injection.
  •  This medicine causes multiple births. Consult a doctor in such cases immediately.
  •  Drinking alcohol or smoking is not suggested with it. If you do so regularly, contact a doctor.
  •  Driving is not safe after getting it on your body.
  •  Get a fertility test for you and your partner done before starting it.

Tell your doctor if

  •  You are allergic to its ingredients
  •  Do you have lung problems ever
  • You have liver problems.
  •  You have a hypothalamus tumor.
  •  You have a cyst in your ovaries.
  •  You face sudden vaginal bleeding.
  •  You have breast cancer.
  •  You had a recent surgery history.
  • You have kidney disease.

Missed dose

If you missed a dose, let it be. Do not start the next dose before the doctor's consultation. Discuss with your doctor which dose you missed and the following action to take.


Overdosing Lupi HCG is highly not recommended. Still, if you do so, immediately visit the physician.


It is best to store Lupi HCG in a refrigerator, maintaining a temperature of around 2 to 8 degrees- Celsius. Always remember not to freeze it in any case. Only uncover it after storing it. Make sure that pets and children can't reach it.


After use, throw it simply in the dustbin. Neither flush it or throw it in the reach of children or pets.


Lupi HCG 5000 might interact with some other medicines or supplements. Hence, it would help to always inform the doctor of all the supplements and medications you consume. 

Also, if you have recently had surgery or are planning soon, let your doctor know. In women, when it is used with menotropins, it causes multiple births.

Where to buy?

If your doctor suggests it, you can get it from any nearby store or trusted online site. You can get an additional discount if purchasing from our site. Just remember that you cannot self-administer even if you buy online.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What to do if Lupi HCG infections are causing breast tenderness?

Ans- It is expected to experience breast tenderness if injected with Lupi HCG. Still, if you find uneasiness or severe effects, consult a doctor consultation.

Q2. Is the injection painful?

Ans- Yes, it can be slightly painful. It had been observed that it causes light tenderness at the injection site. It is a common problem every patient experiences. If you watch a massive pain in the body, you can discuss it with the physician.

Q3. Can we use it without a doctor's advice from a nearby clinic?

Ans- No, it is a prescription injection. Hence, you should use it only if your doctor suggests doing so.

Final words

Overall, we say it's unsafe to use it without the consultation of a specialist. If any men or women are suffering from infertility problems, visit your doctor today and get rid of it quickly.

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