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Shop FDA-approved ED drugs Online: Tadalista(Tadalafil) 20mg tablet that offers effectiveness for up to 36 hours. Order now to boost your sexual response.

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  • Generic Name : Sildenafil Citrate
  • Brand Name : sildenafil
  • Manufacturer Name : Fortune Health Care
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What is Tadalista 20mg? 

Tadalista 20mg is a prescription drug that treats erectile dysfunction or impotence in men. This medication has found its name among powerful ED drugs across the world that treat ED with minor side effects. 

It is necessary to know that Tadalista is a generic version of the Cialis tablet. Tadalista is a generic version of the brand medication Cialis that doctors often recommend to men who experience ED. 

Tadalafil, an active ingredient of this medicine, helps you to achieve a hard erection that is perfect for sexual intercourse. Sometimes, doctors also recommend this drug to treat symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. 

Tadalafil provides relief from symptoms of BPH like a weak stream, problems in the beginning flow of urine, and the need to urinate frequently. You must know that Tadalafil does not provide you protection against sexually transmitted diseases like hepatitis B and HIV. 

After a prescription from a doctor, you can buy tadalista 20mg this medicine from a licensed drugstore. 

Uses of Tadalista 20mg 

Doctors prescribe this medicine for:

  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction in men

Manufacturer of Tadalista 20mg 

Tadalista 20mg is manufactured by a famed pharmaceutical company called Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

How does Vidalista 20mg work? 

When taken as directed by a doctor, this medicine works effectively in treating erectile dysfunction disorder. When the male reproductive organ fails to receive a smooth flow of blood, it causes trouble to achieve an erection. 

This further causes problems in attaining and sustaining an erection during sexual intercourse. The presence of Tadalafil in this medicine promotes a better flow of blood in the body. 

It works by restricting the action of the phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor enzyme, which breaks down the cGMP enzyme. This further relaxes muscles present in the male sexual organs and allows them to achieve a hard erection to indulge in sexual activity.

How to take Tadalista 20mg? 

Before starting your treatment with Tadalista 20mg, carefully read the patient information leaflet. If there is any confusion about medication or its dosage, then you can discuss it with the doctor. 

You can take this medicine on an empty stomach, with food, or as recommended by your doctor. Based on your age, medical condition, and body’s response to treatment, the doctor will determine the correct dosage of Tadalista. 

Swallow the tablet as a whole with a glass of plain water without crushing, chewing, or breaking it. It is advised to take this medication almost 45 to 60 minutes before indulging in sexual intercourse with a partner.

Once you take the Vidalista tablet, please do not retake it within 48 hours of administration because the medication is effective for 36 hours. 

You must not take this ED drug for a longer time than directed because it can cause severe side effects. However, this medicine will help you to get an erection only when you are sexually aroused. 

To treat symptoms of BPH, you must take this medicine as prescribed by a doctor, mainly once a day. In case you are also taking finasteride with this drug to treat symptoms of BPH, then talk to the doctor once. 

  • Missed dose 

Tadalista 20mg is taken when needed, so the chance of missing a dose is meager. You just need to take it before intercourse. Skip your missed dose, and do not take multiple doses. Just make up for your missed dosage of Tadalafil. 

  • Overdose 

If you have overdosed and experience symptoms like trouble breathing or passing out, then call your doctor immediately. 

Precautions and warnings

Do not take Tadalista 20mg if you are allergic to it or Tadalafil or have any other allergies. 

This medicine might contain some inactive ingredients, which can cause allergic reactions or other problems. 

Before starting your treatment with Tadalista 20mg, let the doctor know about your medical history, especially of:

  • Heart problems
  • Stroke in the past 6 months
  • Liver disorders 
  • Kidney diseases
  • Dehydration
  • High or low blood pressure
  • History of painful erection
  • Eye problems
  • Active stomach ulcers

This medicine can make you dizzy. It is advised to avoid consumption of alcohol and marijuana because they make you more dizzy. 

Do not be involved in any activity that demands attention, like driving or using machinery, unless you can do it safely. 

Before undergoing any surgery, let the doctor know about your treatment with Tadalista 20mg. 

This medicine is not intended for use by women and children. Discuss all risks and benefits with the doctor once. 

Side effects of Tadalista 20mg

Back pain, headache, muscle pain, stomach upset, stuffy nose, dizziness, or flushing might occur while starting treatment. 

To decrease the risk of dizziness and light-headedness, get up slowly from a sitting or lying position. 

Several people using this drug do not suffer from any severe side effects. 

Here are some side effects of Tadalista 20mg:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Ringing of ears
  • Swelling in face
  • Pain in arms and legs 
  • Chest pain

Get emergency medical help if any of your side effects continue or become worse with time. 


Drug interactions might alter how your medicines work or increase the risk of experiencing severe side effects. 

Do not start, stop, or change the dosage of any medications unless a doctor recommends you. 

If you take any other products, including prescription and non-prescription drugs and herbal supplements, then let the doctor know. 

Tadalafil might cause a severe drop in your blood pressure if used with nitrates.

To avoid drug interactions, you must not take the following medicines with Tadalista 20mg:

  • Itraconazole
  • Erythromycin
  • Ketoconazole
  • Ritonavir
  • Rifampin


It is advised to store this medicine at room temperature, away from moisture and direct sunlight. 

Frequently asked questions about Tadalista 20mg (FAQs)

  • How long does Tadalista 20mg last in your body? 

You can experience the effects of Tadalista within 30 to 60 minutes after its consumption. 

However, its effects on the body last for 36-40 hours, offering men enough time to get involved in sexual activity.

  • Is Tadalista, a 20mg tablet, similar to Cialis? 

It is necessary to know that the benefits and effects of Tadalista are similar when compared to the Cialis pill because both medicines have the same active ingredient. 

However, several men try treating erectile dysfunction with Tadalista 20mg due to its low price.

  • Can I take 20mg of Tadalista with food? 

Yes, you can take this medicine with food. However, it is suggested to avoid heavy meals or oily foods as they decrease the effectiveness of Tadalafil.

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